OT - Chiefs -v- Broncos

What a great defensive game. If you like defense, then turn the game on.

Alex Smith is not the answer for the Chiefs. They are wasting their defense with him as QB.

Funny you say that, they just posted over the last 5 years or something he’s 2nd on the win list behind Brady at 55-24-1

Not a Chiefs fan but thats getting it done…about 12-4 record a year over 5 years

Sure, if you want to go to the first round of the playoffs.
Sure if you want a QB to throw short slants and crossing routes
Sure if you want to go three and out and hand it to your defense.

If you want to use your dynamic play-makers and progress through the playoffs, well he aint that.

Life of the West Coast Off but I hear ya, Die hard 49er fan since 76, Need I say more

Well nice come back, We’ll trade you Kap for AS back hahah

KC has a lack of dynamic playmakers. Just saying. :smiley: