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Piggybacking on the recently hijacked discussion of places to eat chicken in NWA, just got a link from the Charlotte Observer that NWA-based Slim Chickens, which was not mentioned in that thread IIRC, is opening two branches in the Charlotte area, home territory for Bojangles, which was mentioned (by me).

Slim Chickens hit the DFW metroplex 3 or 4 years ago. I’ve tried it twice and wasn’t impressed by the quality/value. It was OK (IMO), nothing more. And a little over-priced for a chicken fast food place.

If I’m going to pick up chicken, I want something tasty, quick and competitively priced. Unless it’s some place like AQ, where you can go with a group and they have great sides (and desserts) as well. To me, Slim’s seems to think it’s a “destination”, the way it is decorated, and with the menu choices. But it’s competing with a bunch of no-nonsense chicken places…and it’s losing to them.

We don’t have any Bo Jangles here (that I’m aware of), but we do have one Zaxby’s. Not close to me so I’ve only eaten there once, although I also stopped by one in Fayetteville a few years ago. I’d eat there again, but it isn’t anything special. Similar to Golden Chick and Chicken Express, both of which are well established in DFW.

I don’t remember if Raising Canes was mentioned in the other thread, but they’ve exploded here over the past 5-6 years. Probably 40 or 50 in the greater Metroplex area. Probably has something to do with the fact that they moved their corporate HQ here a few years back.

For me, another “good” place…in the rotation, but not in the top group. However, there are those that just LOVE that Canes sauce and eat there weekly.

Bottom line - it’s great to have so many choices if you like chicken…and who doesn’t?

Canes Chicken for me Rawhide in Columbus, OH. Best tasting chicken ever. They use fresh chicken not frozen. The Canes near me , before Covid, they used (5) 50 lb. buckets of fresh chicken a day.

Love me some Canes sauce. The son of our local Chick Fil-A operator used to tell me that he’d slip over to Canes in secret just for that sauce. One of my twins has perfected the recipe for Canes sauce at home…yummy on a lot of things besides chicken, like fried fish and ham sandwiches

Slim Chickens (Katy. TX) is about as good as any other chicken eatery, I think, but let me tell you that their Fried Okra is as good as you will ever eat, including your Mom’s.

I sure would like to know how they make frozen okra taste like it was just picked!

Yeah, I like Raisin’s sauce, along with Zaxby’s, as my favorites. I usually get the wings at Slim’s these days, or the grilled chicken. I like CFA’s chicken sandwich, but that’s about it, there. If you had kids growing up, you pretty much hit all the chicken places, as they would eat that on a stop on a trip. I think my oldest lived on Slim’s his last year in college, it was the closes to his house of Weddington, he said.

And just like that, another chicken thread :neutral_face:

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Slim chickens is my favorite chicken join in NWA, but I like them all. If I could combine meals it’d look like this:
Slim’s grilled chicken, Raising Canes sauce, Raising Cane’s toast, warm and salty (have to put that in there because sometimes they aren’t) Popeyes fries and Slims peach sweet tea. That would be a meal made in heaven. Haha
Slims has a lot of options which I like. Their new chicken sandwiches rival Popeyes and Chick fil a.

Slim Chickens is pretty good but your fried okra experiences must be somewhat limited. I do like their spicy bbq sauce.

Slims is way over priced. It’s chicken for goodness sake.

Slim Chicken’s must depend on the individual store’s management. Don’t eat there much, but my experience has varied widely. The place out just west of I-49 in Fayetteville was pretty good, if a bit pricey, as mentioned by a others when I was there a couple of years ago. When as was at the location on MLK just before the Red-White game a couple of weeks ago, the food was cold and the place could have been cleaner. Probably won’t go back. Might try Raisin’ Cain’s based on these comments. Always love me some Popeye’s. There was a Popeye’s and Burger King on the base in Hanau when we were in Germany from 1996-2001. After we moved back to east TN, it was a year before I could eat at BK again, not so for Popeye’s. But the first stop, DQ.

I really enjoy Slim’s sandwiches. A place that has surprisingly excellent chicken strips is Grub’s though I normally get the wings, you know being an adult and all.

That’s a more succinct way of saying what I tried to convey in my earlier post, Clay. It’s competing with fast food places but they price their food like they are…well…something they are not. Not to me, anyway.

The food is OK, but it loses on value.

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