OT: Cardinal Fans

I was feeling pretty confident about winning the division until they lost 2 of 3 to a really bad Rockies team, and I looked at the next 10 games. 3 against a red hot Brewers team, then 3 against a very good Nationals team, then 4 against the Cubs, in Chicago. Ouch.

The most disappointing part of those two losses at Colorado, was the failure to score any runs with the bases loaded and less than two outs. There were multiple opportunities and the Cards failed to cash in on any of them.

Nobody hotter than the Cards, on a 24-9 run! We pummeled the Rockies 4 straight in St Louis
last week, they just got 2 of 3 when the Cards get 1 run twice. I like the Redbirds chances w the 4 game lead, 16 to play, 9 at home where they have a .639 winning %. :sunglasses:

  • Last 3 games at Busch vs pukes, er Cubs, should be fun!

Fortunately the Cubs were having their own troubles with a bad team. Brew Boys suddeny hot and making a move. Need to put that insurection down this weekend. Just need to do that and take 3 of those 7 from the cubbies and the birds should win the division.

Cubbies and Brewers have both lost their best player to injury.

The Cardinals look like they will win the Central. The Cubs have a better lineup, but their pitching is not as good as St. Louis. It looks like a 4 team race with Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago and Washington to challenge the Dodgers.

BOOM :sunglasses:



Well the Brewers got it back and the blue tirds won cutting it to three…it could very well come down
to that last series at Busch.