OT, but very interesting read . . . How Mizzou, A&M joined the SEC

This was - for me - a fascinating read with chronological quotes from all of the key players. Arkansas fans will relate to the heavy hand played by EOE Austin.

https://missouri.rivals.com/news/zero-t … conference

The tea sippers believe the world revolves around them.

Those who want us to move to the Little 12 should read this.

Nice find Wiz…

Funny how often the words “Texas” and “arrogance” appear together

Long, but I enjoyed the read.

No doubt in my mind that the SEC grew much stronger
with the addition of these two great universities.

Texas lost. So, we know that this is great.

This article should be read and studied by anyone inclined to suggest we move to the big 12. Some of our fans occasionally get frustrated with the challenges of competition in the SEC, but I cannot imagine replaceing our current furstrations with the dark cloud of waiting for the big 12 dissolve.

The big 12 is the conference Hades on earth.

My grad school thesis was a history Arkansas’ move from the SWC to the SEC. It was rather boring in comparison to that ordeal. That is a great, informative read.

Thanks Wiz. That was interesting.

Great read. Grateful to be in the best conference, where every member is equal. Texass runs the big 12 minus 2. No thanks.

UTAustin will never be happy in any conference where other members are granted equal shares of revenue. Why on earth would anyone want to be in a conference with them unless one has an inferiority complex?

Good read

Anyone out there have a copy of that proposed 13 member game schedule ?

if so please share -