OT: But very funny

Totally not sports related, admins delete if you want to. I found this VERY funny.


Thanks. Was worth several hardy chuckles.

That’s hilarious especially since I live In Tennessee less than 50 miles from Eastern Kentucky

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Thanks so much. Felt like I was in Elizabethton; getting ready for Bristol :grinning:

Best line: There are 50 Dollar Stores within 2 miles…

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I agree. I about lost it!

My favorite: “According to my knee, it’s fixin’ to rain”.

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A “fur piece.” :joy:

Available at the KmartS, the WalmartS, & Target. But let’s not kid ourselves… this town ain’t gettin’ no dang Target!

A little poke at the OU Sooners, where medium-game Bob is no longer an excuse:

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That was hilarious…especially when the mom said “it’s done” and the little girl broke into tears.

Made me laugh…