OT, but intreesting (to me)...BIG 12 releases 2023 Football Schedule

Nine conference games, all in the last 10 weeks of the season. BYU gets the road trip of the year, at Morgantown on Nov. 4. UCF doesn’t play BYU.

BYU will have three weeks to get ready for their trip to Fayetteville. Sam Houston and Southern Utah should be easy wins, but I’m not sure that is what they really need to get ready to play a road game against an SEC team.

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TCU has nice November this time. Bet coach wishes Citadel was in there some where

OU going to Provo the week before Thanksgiving could be interesting. Might be a bit chilly there that time of year. (Seemed like it got downright cold pretty fast after the Hogs left in October.)

Not like Norman’s real warm in late November either.

Any updates on whether 2023 is the final football season for ut & OU to play in the Big12 such that SEC needs to start factoring them into the 2024 schedule? Understand that ESPN may fund the buyout but not hearing any timetable…

Cincy got a cushy schedule. They don’t play Texas, TCU, K-State or T-Tech. Houston probably got the worst schedule.

I think there is growing consensus that EOE and OU will be in the SEC for 2024 but they’re still working on the details.

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