OT but IMPORTANT if you are still running Windows 7

Most here have probably already taken care of this - one way or another. However, I’m also thinking that at least some (a) are not aware or (b) have, for whatever reason, NOT upgraded to Windows 10 yet. This is important because in 2 weeks, (Jan 14, 2020), Microsoft will cease support of Windows 7. Of course, if you are on a Mac, or have already upgraded, this news is moot to you.

I was among the stragglers, but I recently found out that I could still upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE - and I did so 2 days ago without any hiccups. Simply as a “public service” to those here who have not yet upgraded, I’m providing some links for you to look at and then do whatever you want. Just so we’re clear, this is NOT something I am making anything from. You can probably use google and find some other similar articles if you prefer.

If you are still running Windows 7, you should have a Product Key saved in your computer from when it was originally installed - either by you or the manufacturer. You should be able to find it by using Produkey - which you can download here.

Once you have that information, just follow the instructions in these two articles (pretty much say the same thing), and - hopefully - you will have clear sailing, as I did. OF course, you will want to back up any important personal files (documents, pictures, songs, video, etc.) to some external source (thumb drive, portable hard drive, the cloud) BEFORE you upgrade, “just in case”. But the upgrade should take you from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and leave those file intact (did for me). Still - never a bad idea to have a back-up in case you ever need one.

Note that, depending on your computer specs and internet connection, the upgrade will probably take 1 to 3 hours in total. Most of this will happen without the need for “operator intervention” (i.e., it will process without you having to sit by it all of the time - just check in every 10-15 minutes to make sure it’s not waiting for you to hit “enter” about something).

Good luck, and Happy New Year!


I’ve heard of it. Sorta like the telegraph and vinyl records

Just messing with you
But for me it’s Mac all the way

My last adventure with Microsoft ended well over 2 years ago when I retired.

Apple all the way at our house.

Apple everything here. Customer support, Apple care, is awesome

I honestly didn’t know what I have on my laptop which I’ve had for several years. Poked around for a while and finally determined I have Windows 10.

And boy are you paying for it :smiley:

I have no idea either. Tried to Google how to figure out which version I had, and the instructions all started with something like “If you are using Windows 7 then…” or “If you are using Windows 10 then…” Well, if I knew which one I was using I wouldn’t be asking!!! Sigh.

Here’s how I figured it out. Clicked the Windows icon on my toolbar, then found System Information. Which told me I have Windows 10 Home.

Windows 7 Professional. I guess I better check into upgrading! And thanks for the help.

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Thanks everyone knew my was old and had not heard about this nor did I know how to check seems I got windows 8.1

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I’ll go to Linux before Windows 10–or anything Apple. As my mother would say, Apple likes their stuff way more than I do.


Mine says DOS.

You sure Clay’s not sending the board to you via telecopier?


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Nope. AOL.

“You’ve got mail!”

Do they still have that notice? I dropped AOL in about 2001.

Dudley still uses AOL. I have tried to get him to use the company email, but he’s not budging. I think AOL sends him cases of something.

Just easier to buy new laptop these days.
They make them so slim and lightweight now.
But then what worked on my dinasuar struggles with the new technology.

So do I, but only for email and not for a browser.

A few years back I purchased a Lenovo Think Pad and a Hp Pavillion 27xi Monitor. The big monitor worked great. A year or so ago I tried several times to download Windows 10 then to my dismay found that my Lenovo lap top will not recognize my Hp monitor if using Windows 10. My only options may be to trash my monitor and get one that the Lenovo will work with using W 10. I may just trash the Lenovo since it’s been crap ever since I bought it. Any suggestions how to resolve the issue will be appreciated.