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Kevin Jones, from Greenwood and the son of legendary high school football coach Rick Jones, won his first National Tour Disc golf tournament this weekend. He has been knocking on the door for the last two years but got it this weekend. Kevin is one of the most well liked players on the national scene and is known for his absolute bombs he can throw off the tee. I have been playing for almost 20 years and can say I am a decent am player. I throw a disc about 335 feet off the tee. Kevin is one of the longest throwers on tour and can hit 550" 600’. He is one of the players that could possibly be on the verge of a real breakout victory at the World Championships in a couple of weeks and the United States Disc Golf Championships in October. He always thanks his fans in Arkansas and is a great ambassador for our state. He also just won what is called an “A Tier” event in Estonia and had a top ten at the European Championships a couple of weeks ago. Just before the European Open the “President’s Cup” was held. It is the “Ryder Cup” of disc golf and KJ dominated to lead the US to victory. I would provide a link to his first round at the Idlewild Open National tour event he won last weekend but it has not posted yet for some reason. I will instead provide a link to the front and back nine if anyone cares to check it out.





I am older than thought. My Lord, throwing a disc is now considered a sporting event? I should go.

I am not playing without a caddy. I need someone to pull my hydration cart.

Throwing a frisbee 600 ft?

He must have found how to strap an extra fuel tank on!

The only way the discs they use resemble “Frisbees” are that they are round. They are designed for different aspects of the game just like clubs in golf.

Can you get a running start to throw off the tee? Or spin, like throwing a discus?

Off the tee and until 10 meters from the basket you take as long of a run up as you want but the disc has to be out of your hand before you touch any area past the tee area and/or the spot where your disc came to rest. Most players take about 8’ to 10’. The funny thing is it like the baseball hitting maxim you hear all through Little League, “Don’t try to kill it!” It is about technique and getting a good “Snap” at the end to put spin on the disc. The two best female players in the World both throw over 500’ and neither probably weigh over 125 lbs it is very impressive to watch them throw.