OT: but about tomorrow's game

I have been without a dog since July 1, when my only dog went off for training. (He is the one in my avatar.) Well today I went up to just south of Eureka, KS and picked him up. He is on a three day pass, I have to take him back Thursday. I plan to take him to the game tomorrow. (There have been lots of dogs at the fall scrimmages.)

He was glad to get home and dove into his toys as soon as he got home.

That’s great! :smiley:

Our chocolate lab was there Sunday. She loved it.

… as posted on Facebook.
One of my passions is purebred dogs. I have no problems with those who adopt mixed breeds, as long as they understand what they are doing. I have little patience with those who sell “doodles” and “poos” for big money. They are mutts. Good breeders of purebred dogs spend hundreds of dollars doing health tests on their dogs. They work to ensure good temperaments and healthy puppies. People who need dogs for a specific purpose (police work, hunting dogs, flock protection, herding, etc.) prefer purebred dogs which can be reasonably expected to do that work. All of that is said to give context to my Facebook post shown here:

[quote]My Purebred dog is on a three day pass from his field training. So I put on my Sporting Dogs hat, put a few essentials in my Purebred Dogs bag and we went to watch the Arkansas Razorback baseball team in a fall scrimmage. He got lots of attention, people said he was pretty, and I could tell them that he is a Champion who is in training for field trials. (German Shorthaired Pointer, CH Ehrenvogel Shots Fired At Elwing). Oh, and Arkansas won … of course, they were playing Arkansas.