OT: Busy 2 Weeks of Fun!

One of the twins qualified for state high school golf championship for 5A in Louisiana. Headed down today for practice round in Lafayette, and Prejeans afterwards(my fav for the day). Back tonight and Senior recognition at church. The the tournament is Monday/Tuesday.

Turkey hunting next weekend and Mother’s Day stuff. The following weekend is their graduation.

Then our oldest is getting married May 22nd!

These three weeks will be hectic! I’ll try to post a pic from our golf tournament last week with me and twins…a great shot of us three together before their Regional qualifying round. May need some instructions on how to post the pic.


Preieans was one of my favorites when I traveled south La on biz back in the day. Great places and people in that area of world. They love their Tigers too. Enjoy these weeks ,great memories to be had for lifetime.

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Thanks Marty.