(OT) BTW after 16 years

Health issues, keeping both of my parents for 3 years, cancer, Brenda and I after 16 years just got married. Actually everybody I know thought we were married.

Brenda was married for 24 years and he husband beat on her. Why would a woman stay in that position? Kids, that’s why.

About 6 weeks ago we walked into Sams (store). We walked by a jewelry case and saw a perfect
wedding ring set. We looked at that set in January or Febuary and they would’t even let us try them on. (covid) Anyway 6 weeks ago we saw them again. After asking her countless times I asked her to marry me again. And she said Yes.

6 weeks ago and boom I’m now married to Brenda Tucker. And what a messs to change names.

Merry Christmas to all and thanks for all the support from Clay, DD, Marty and the HI family.


Congrats buddy. Merry Christmas.

Congrats in order.

Merry Christnas!’’

Congratulations Mike. It’s pretty clear that Brenda knows she found a good man. Glad to see you posting again. You were missed. Take care.


That’s a great story man! Congrats to you. Just made my day after a long COVID week!

Congratulations, everybody deserves happiness. I wish it for you both.


Congratulations!! :clinking_glasses::champagne::sparkling_heart:

Congrats, Brother. Count those blessings every day…

congratulations. Best wishes for the both of you


I like this post a lot. Merry Christmas to the newly weds.

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