OT: Branson, MO

I am taking my wife to Branson this weekend for our anniversary.

We plan on doing Silver Dollar City for two days for the National Crafts & Cowboy Festival.

My questions…outside of SDC, what are some recommended shows to take in while we are there?

Edit: Definitely taking in the Moses production. I have had that recommendation from nearly everyone :slight_smile:

“Moses” at the Sight and Sound Theater. Sent 3 couples there last weekend and they loved it.

Thank you. I had been eyeing that one too.

I’ve been up here for 8 days. Leaving back today. I enjoyed Landry’s seafood. The Beatles show was good. Silver dollar City is always good. I even hit the gym while I was up here to at least keep some type of fitness. If you are into activities, we went go kart riding and laser tag just to switch things up. Not really crowded so lines weren’t that long.

Thanks! I’ll check out Landry’s for sure. My wife would love go karts

If you’re at all interested in this direction, the Sight and Sound Theater’s production of Moses is pretty remarkable.

Moses. It’s cant miss

Lots of good golf in Branson.

I wanted to trout fish but the guides are booked till the end of October. Win some lose some. And yes the Moses show is really good.

Moses is a great one.
Then I’d say Presley’s Country Music Jubilee. Show up at Presley’s early and upstairs before the show they have a piano player who leads a gospel sing along. My kids really enjoyed the sing along! The show is great.
Branson Belle. Good meal and a show.

Happy anniversary! How long have you been married? I pray you have many more years together.

Thanks, Army. Been married 8 years. We got married late.

We’ve never had an argument. We figure if we keep that up, we should be fine.

Get tickets to Moses. I didn’t last week and they sold out for the entire weekend. I’d recommend the Branson Belle, fun little ride, and they have a decent show. If you like oldies. Dick Clark’s American Bandstand has some oldies shows (impersonations) that are pretty good. The Jubilee, dinner at Dolly’s Dixie Stampede is also good.

Here is a list:

https://www.bransonshows.com/activity/B … wAodnEEJ3w


I also believe William Shatner (CPT KIRK) is also here this weekend.

Edit 2: Don’t know what you and your wife like, but the Titanic museum is decent, Ripley’s is cool and they also have a wax museum.

If you’ve been married 8 years without having an argument you and your wife have patience of an elephant. There’s nothing wrong about getting married late in life.
The most important thing I’ve found you have to find yourself in life. In all aspects of life to every be happy or make your wife happy. It helps a great deal to have faith and attend church!
By the way arguments are overrated. Instead of having an argument I go outside to the garden, chicken house or pond.
Enjoy your trip.

If you are a rock and roller the 50’s show was very entertaining and I would hit Billy Bob’s restaurant for the hamburgers and milkshakes.

I believe this is a cash only enterprise. Caught us by surprise last year.

If you are looking for elegant, Level 2 steakhouse downtown in the Hilton (I think that’s right) is amazing, sit-down formal dining.

Danna’s BBQ is the best in the area that I’ve found.

Gasken’s Deli up north is very good.