OT: Blue Man Group

Has anyone seen this show? My wife and I have tickets tonight but I have no idea what to expect from it.

It’s a show with music and interaction with the crowd. At least it was when Megan and I went awhile back. It’s entertaining.

Clever. Unique. Ingenious. Hilarious. You are in for a treat.

They won’t communicate with you with words, but they don’t need them. Facial expression and music are enough for them to tell their story. It’s sight and sound. There will be unique percussion. They will beat on drumbs, tube and other things that make colors come to life.

They will be blue, but you won’t be blue at all. They will light up the stage.

I believe I saw them at the Luxor in Las Vegas about 10 or 12 years ago. Had no idea what to expect. This is a different show, but I’m sure that it will be a lot of the same mind blowing techniques on how to use sound and facial expression to communicate in a different way than anything you’ve ever seen.

When it’s over, you will want to paint yourself above the neck in all blue and have some fun beating on a drum or a pipe.