OT: Big rainbow on Norfork

Kristopher and Becca took me on a 4-hour Norfork trout trip this afternoon. Becca and I kept Kristopher’s net full with non stop doubles. All rainbows. Becca prepared a great shore lunch.

The highlight was on my first cast, a huge rainbow about 22 inches. Becca and I decided she should hold it for a great father-daughter photo. It was a wonderful afternoon.


I saw this posted on FB and loved it!

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Nice fish and day

Clay, is that among your biggest rainbows out of the waters up there — either river? That is a gorgeous fish.

Fantastic! Both the fish and getting to spend the afternoon with them with the latter being the better!

I caught a bigger one wading at Bull Shoals Dam three years ago. Louis Campbell measured that one at 27 7/8 inches. I have a replica mount in my den that is 28. My choice was 26 or 28. Might as well fudge on the 1/8 side.


A 1/8th fudge is nothing compared to some of the fish stories I’ve heard. That was a beauty. The fish and daughter.

That’s an Alaska quality length. Fantastic. And I heartily agree with going with 28!

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