OT: Best Places to Live

U.S. News & World Report released its new list of the 150 best places to live today. Fayetteville was No. 8 on the list and Little Rock was No. 95.

Several cities with a big UA base made the list, including Dallas/Fort Worth (24), Kansas City (64), Tulsa (92) and Memphis (139).

Four of the top five were in Colorado: Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.



Heard that today about CO. I think they had Fort Collins 1. It is a nice place, but certainly not that. Colorado Springs, yep

Denver & Boulder not no but h. ll no! Denver has a great Airport. The rest sucks. Boulder would be the very last place. Most people that know The People’s Republic of Boulder just laugh about it other than you have to take a shower after driving through to get the slime off!


LOL coloradohog; last time I spent a week in Boulder I heard it described as nine square miles surrounded by Reality. But the mountains and campus were beautiful.

I think of this, every time I see one of these articles!

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Livengood, Alaska. It don’t get any better, just as God made it but only for the strong.

I spent 3 weeks at the Univ of Colorado back in the mid-80’s & thought it was a wonderful place. Of course, that’s been 35+ years ago. Haven’t been back since.

I’ve lived in a lot of places, Atlanta, Nashville, Jacksonville Fla. Tallahassee, West Palm, Little Rock, St. Louis and a couple of smaller places. None of them can hold a candle to the sweet little city of Sainte Genevieve Missouri, where I live now.

When Pine Bluff is your home town pretty much everywhere else is a great place to live. Left in 83 after being robbed twice with a gun to my head. Sad…

I hear ya LD. My hometown of Helena has gone to heck in the proverbial handbag too. Very sad.

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I’ve spent a lot of time in Helena. Had family there and typically spent Memorial Day week at their house. As teenagers me and my cousin Chris drove up and down Cherry street (I think that was it) a lot. I returned to spend a couple of days working there about 3 years ago. It’s another Pine Bluff. Also sad.

I worked in Pine Bluff back in the early 80’s for a spell while living in LR, just off County line or Baseline I think. Would love to live in F’ville now and catch the Razorbacks every home game but wife still working and besides that just outside of Nashville, Tn. ain’t too bad.

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A whole lot of east Arkansas towns have dried up over the past 40 years. Those that were almost exclusively dependent on farming as the base industry are shadows of what they once were. That doesn’t explain Pine Bluff, but it explains almost all those other delta towns. When the Mohawk plant in Helena closed, it became nothing. Marianna, Barton, Elaine, Brinkley, Clarendon, McCrory, Augusta, Earle, Parkin, Hughes, Newport–all sad shadows of what they once were. Forrest City hasn’t exactly thrived, but it hasn’t done as badly as some. Same with Wynne. Marion has done well, but that’s mostly because it’s a Memphis suburb. Blytheville lost the air base & hasn’t done well. Paragould & Jonesboro have thrived. That’s probably because of the college & a few other hard industries. The hospitals & shopping areas draw from outside Craighead Co… I don’t know as much about Lawrence & Clay counties.

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Well you’re right about most of that Noreaster. Except that Barton never was really a town. It was always just a place with a school. The school is probably as big as it’s ever been, but I think the mighty Barton Bears have fallen on lean times.

That’s true.

I can’t wait to get back to Fayetteville! House construction starting soon.

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Actually Pine Bluff was hit by the farming changes pretty bad too. But the loss of railroad jobs was a killer. And the two paper mills are really old and jobs at both have been reduced significantly. When my wife and I married in 71 the population was over 70,000 now it’s less than 37,000.

LD who are your relatives from Helena? I’ve been gone a long time. I graduated in 76.

I always thought it should have been the Helena Handbaskets.

Pat and Bill Fairchild. Uncle Bill had a Union 76 service station for a while but was also the plant manager for the ammonia nitrate plant. My cousin Chris graduated in 70 from Helena and passed away in 71 on the steps of Phillips Community College from a heart attack. His siblings were Keith, Lance and Sharon they were closer to your age. They left for Florida in the mid 70’s.

Yeah I remember Keith. I think he was my age, but we never went to the same school.

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