OT: Being Thankful

Next week our country will pause to give thanks.

And even though I’m considered a borderline-delusional optimist by many, it’s difficult to remember to be thankful for much with a worsening pandemic, a struggling economy, and a divided country.

And then I walk out onto my back patio this morning to have a cup of coffee, and am greeted by this view. I can’t explain it, but snow-covered mountains just make other worries seem small by comparison, if only for a brief moment.

I am truly thankful for the amazing natural beauty of our planet!


I’d like to fire a 7-iron at that pin. Maybe it would be a full hybrid. Maybe I couldn’t get there with anything. If not, I’ll send you a metal plate to install in your back yard that says, “Don’t even think about it. Sit back down and enjoy your drink.”

That is a spectacular view. I get a similar feeling that you expressed when I walk on River Ridge Road (just under my house) and see the Norfork River. Can’t beat that on my morning walks.


Thanks for the timely post. We have so much to be thankful for even with all that’s happened in 2020. I’m sitting on Douglas Lake in Tennessee with my lovely wife of 49 years enjoying the beauty of the Smokey Mountains. I’m blessed with 2 daughters, 2 great son in laws and 7 grandchildren that we adore.

I’m blessed.

I just returned from visiting my son in Salt Lake City. The views (much like this one) are absolutely stunning. I was in awe the whole time I was there.

Very thankful also for the amazing beauty around us!

Nothing better than Mother Nature to remind us to be thankful in the beauty of land and sky she gave us. Makes the coffee taste better in the morning I’m sure.
Thanks for posting

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On Thanksgiving last year I was unemployed, sitting alone in my apartment in the other Fayetteville, had had several unsuccessful job interviews, didn’t have a significant other and was generally quite miserable. And IIRC Thanksgiving dinner was a TV turkey dinner out of the microwave.

Now I have a great job until at least June, a new place, an SO and I’m more optimistic about lots of things than I’ve been in a long time (which encompasses issues beyond just the state of my life). I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with the SO and perhaps with my son as well.


Wonderful Jeff!

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I’ve been married for 39 years. It took me a while to figure out SO. Congratulations Jeff. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and we all celebrate the next 2 Saturday’s.

Yes, (in spite of all the bad news on television) we do have much for which to be thankful. Really do not need (or probably deserve) more, but a Hog victory over LSU on Saturday would sure make things sweet here, although with the current COVID problems, it might be harder to “rub it in” to friends and neighbors. Hopefully, it’s a moot question as I do not believe that I have any social diseases, but with COVID how far away would the air be dangerous from a Hog Call?

On March 25th, I was laid off from my job. On April 2nd, I shattered my left tibia in an accident. It has been a long and challenging recovery. August 1st I started a new job that I really love and that will bring me back to Fayetteville to live. I can nearly walk without a limp now and my doctor thinks I will recover fully without additional surgery. My family is mostly healthy and have managed to avoid the covid so far. I’ve said the longer we can make it the closer we are to a vaccine. It has been a very, very challenging year for many people. I recognize I have much to be thankful for!

I love the gratitude and appreciation being shared about nature and loved ones. So much better and nicer than bitterness and sniping at one another when we know we aren’t going to change anyone’s opinions. We are blessed with four grandchildren and thus far no one in our large family has had to battle directly with this nasty virus that is soon to be relegated to the trash heap, for the most part. It has certainly laid a lick on our country and I will get the vaccine ASAP. God bless you all and hang in there because better days are coming and better Hog teams will be part of that.

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Great post and very timely, given I’m sitting on a deer stand this am. Well actually I’ve been in the deer woods 9 days straight and have got to wake up with the woods every morning and this message board where I get the most important and accurate news on the world, the pandemic, and Razorback sports. I am thankful and blessed.

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