OT Beat Bobby Flay

Anyone here kick his azz? I’ve got stories. Beanie Weanies and Kraft Mac and Cheese. Just wondering before I post more.

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What about Spam? It will kick Bobby’s butt.

Gotta keep it simple. Spam screws with Bobby’s brain, Hawaiian stuff is off limits.

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Stouffer’s S on a Shingle over toast. Lay in a chunk of extra sharp cheddar on the side.

I think my dad’s apple pancakes would take him down.

Best show on Food Network. Eddie Jackson has been a judge on it. Great judges and talented chefs that Bobby takes down about 75% of the time. He can legitimately cook. He is an Iron Chef, you know. He frequently uses different chiles in his cooking. I started using these Calabrian chiles, having seen a jar of them on his show. Link:

I will try that. Will incorporate it into my chili dog recipe. I use the Colossal dogs from Nathan’s. My chilli is made another day so my prep time at dinner for guests is reduced.

This is a great meal with buddies here to fish. You should not serve steaks every night. Or I don’t.

My chili dogs are killer. I boil them in water that has fresh garlic.

I’ve been looking for something spicey for the regular chili. This will do it I think.


If your recipe calls for paprika, it’s included probably for color instead of flavor. Our “basic” American paprika has little flavor, so I’ve been using Spanish Pimenton instead. It has a very deep smoke flavor and more heat. Try it and you’ll enjoy the results.


Agree. Real Spanish or even Hungarian paprika is miles better than what is usually sold in grocery stores here. Great chorizo is made with great Spanish paprika. Magical, smoky stuff.

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I got some versions of venison that I’d put up against Flay. There’s a French reduction sauce made with wine and berries that is to die for. Or try it with cooked down onions and peppers with red wine and beef stock.

The paprika comments above are spot on

I’ve got a gumbo that would beat Bobby once on Monday and twice on Tuesday. On Friday’s I’d slam dunk him with some wings.

I love Eddie Jackson’s cookbook!

Not much is better than quality gumbo. I’ve got a couple of good ones I make too. Clay, that would be a good dish for hungry fly fishermen, especially when it’s cold. Have you tried to make gumbo? It’s a bit complex but not too bad. Gotta make roux, although you can buy decent roux pre-made, in a jar.

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Anyone thought of pooling some recipes and creating a WHS recipe book? You guys make me drool with these food discussions!

I don’t make my own Roux. My son in law makes it from scratch and it is awesome. But he works on it a long time. I won’t do that.

For several years, I’ve been using the “oven” method to make my roux. No more standing over a hot stove stirring until my arm cramps up. It only takes about 20-25 minutes at 350F to make perfect dark brown flour. (Why spend all that time stirring when you could be sitting in your easy chair drinking wine?) the roux flavor is from the roasted flour. Using oil adds no flavor to the roux. Most cooks who use oil, skim it off at the end of the gumbo cook anyway.

And, if you don’t include okra, it ain’t gumbo…it’s something else.

It takes me about 2 hours to make a batch of roux. And a few beverages :slight_smile:

This! The gumbo trinity is onions, bell peppers, and celery but I always add okra to it. I tried to be a little fancy once and fry some small pods (split at the bottom) and I served that on top of the bowl of gumbo. It looked nice but I prefer it cooked in the gumbo. I guess one could do both.

Gotta have okra. It needs to be fresh, not frozen.

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Don’t overcook the okra. I add it about 5-10 minutes before the shrimp (from the Gulf of Mexico, not Asian farm-raised) goes in the pot. Clay is correct; fresh okra is important.

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Love this — Mr. B’s (chicken and sausage, not seafood). Like an old Cajun once said, “I like my roux as dark as stump water”: