OT Be careful out there

Just came in from seeing my uncle in KC. Glad to see him for maybe the last time. Lots of family went and his spirits were good. He devoured a Firehouse sub.:slightly_smiling_face:

Roads were awful coming back. We almost lost it around Joplin. Fishtailed at least 6 times. Cars all over the ditch Lots of black ice.
Three hour trip took over 5.

Hudson and I spent the night in Pea Ridge at my mom’s house.


I’m getting on a plane this afternoon to fly back to NC after visiting my parents in Bryant this weekend. Expecting freezing rain in central Arkansas tonight, fortunately after I’m in the air. But for those not getting on a plane, be careful.

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Sleeting very hard in Rogers right now. Ice everywhere.
Anyone know if A&M is here yet?
This weather is WAY worse than the snow last week.

I slipped and fell on my butt this morning. I’m sore but apparently nothing serious. I will medicate and stay by the fire place. Got a bone-in ribeye with a bottle of Cabernet to ease my hurts tonight.


Good plan. Glad you are ok, Clay. Mom sent me home this morning with some of her chili. She uses Williams too…love it! Stopped to get some Bud Light on the way home.

No way I can sell cars in this weather, so Hudson and I are gonna just chill at the crib.

Yeah and as we get older and we fall those bones hurt a little bit longer LOL. Take care my friend looks like you got it all figured out though with your steak and ale

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You getting any weather down your way, Billy?

Man it rain basically 24 hours yesterday we have 30 40% chances of rain most of the week but it’s not cold thank goodness upper 50s mid-60s.

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I’m beginning to see why you never moved to Arkansas, lol.
Snow we can deal with, but what is going on right now is extremely dangerous.
I’ll be curious to see what kind of crowd we have tomorrow night.

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Well I do live in a very good area. 2 hours from New Orleans, an hour from the Gulf Coast,3 hours from the beaches in Florida but the only problem when you’re surrounded by that much water is there will be four or five times a year where you’re going to be getting in your safe spot as they call it LOL. We are going to have three or four tornado warnings every year… just part of being this close to water.

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We had to make a wild trip from central Florida to Omaha Texas last week due to a death in the family. We spent the night in the city in MS where Billy lives. Got there late and left at sunrise so I didn’t get to see him. Rained all the way from Florida to MS and the roads were horrible. Seriously I could make money from farmers that need rain by taking a long ride in the bus. Just call me Homer Berry LDhog……

Us older guys will get the Homer Berry bit…


I don’t, but is he anything like the gypsies that brought rain to Mayberry?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LRSD has cancelled all sporting events today and tuesday. and school tuesday is “AMI”. that’s home on laptops, for you without kids in school.

one son had his last JV wrestling tournament of the year, tonight in Hot Springs, so it stinks he can’t go. and the other twin has a large tournament at Har-Ber saturday, so I hope the roads clear up by then. also it’s SAE Mom’s weekend friday, so this mess needs to go away.

Just drove back from Branson this morning. I decided to drive up to Springfield and across to Joplin because I didn’t trust the road crews going back through Harrison and Huntsville. Everything was good until we got back to the Arkansas State line around Bella Vista. The Arkansas roads were in bad shape.

I saw elsewhere that the Aggies are expected to arrive at 5:30 p.m. I will be impressed if they make it on time.

Still sleeting hard, and there is a ton on the ground. It’ll be slow going from Highfill to The Hill.

Be safe all you Razorback fans. Nothing like bringing some chill to the hill.

I spent about three hours out this morning. The roads deteriorated a lot during that time. It’s sleeting hard here right now.

I drove in from Springfield this morning, Left Springfield around 830, and got to my house in Gentry at about 1130. I-44 wasn’t too bad, though it started taking on snow about 25 miles east of Joplin. 49 from Joplin to 72 was bad, and 72 was a mess. a half inch of sleet by the time I got home.

Really nasty, don’t go out if you don’t have to.

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Missouri uses beet juice to help with the roads, I wished Arkansas did

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