OT: Bank shooter's family thinks he may have had CTE

Connor Sturgeon, killed by Louisville police on Monday after he shot up the bank where he worked (and reportedly was about to be fired), had multiple concussions from playing sports, according to his family, and they’re having his brain tested for CTE.

Also of some note: Sturgeon had bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Alabama. Murder U indeed.

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Alabama is becoming: Murder you.

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A little to late to look at it now. I would hate to know my son did something that horrific but I also think it’s awful for them to be looking for a boogie man after the fact.

What if it’s the truth? I understand where you’re coming from but sometimes people do horrific things that even family can’t comprehend or even saw coming.

Millions go through depression but don’t commit such sick acts.

I don’t think there is test for CTE while someone is alive. Could be wrong.

You are correct. No test for CTE while living.

I certainly don’t know enough to connect the dots, neither a neuroscientist or a visitor to Holiday Inn Express, but am enough of a cynic to wonder why so much energy is expended on connecting certain dots and not so much on others. I can certainly understand why the shooter’s family would want to think that some extraordinary factors influenced this heinous act. And while it may be a factor or the factor, as I am certainly not discounting this theory, but unless I heard the back story incorrectly, this was a multi factor situation, so I am not circling my wagons around any single factor.

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Accounts I read indicated he and his family were aware of problems with depression, and was receiving medical care for that and maybe other problems as well.

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