OT Bad Commercials

I know the board is in full meltdown mode over the ASWho game, so I thought I might provide a lighter topic. What commercials do you hate the most? For me it’s Limu Emu and Doug, Dominos with Denny Hamlin, and any of the recent Sonic commercials. I change the channel any time any of these commercials come on. They are so bad and annoying, they almost make me angry. Go Hogs!

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The Joe Namath fake Medicare insurance commercials are the worst of them all in my opinion, It plainly states if you read the small print it is not connected to the government in any way! I think they should be banned for mis-representation. They are just a private insurance company scamming our elderly!!


Dr. Pepper Fanville — zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Years ago, In Britain, people paid a tax and they had no commercials. I would gladly pay 20 dollars a month, or more, to watch TV ad free.


Me too, Bob.

Playing the xIndians is too stupid to forget about. HY loses my vote.

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I hate the numerous drug commercials for drugs with funky names and you don’t even know what they treat.

Billy Bob: “Doc, do you think Fluconazole is right for me?”
Doc: “uh… Billy Bob, that’s for a vaginal yeast infection.”
Billy Bob: “oh, I reckon I don’t need it then.”


I have grown weary of the Denny Hamlin PJs commercial as well. I bet Denny Hamlin is sick of it.

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Side note.

My daughter is head of commercial underwriting for Liberty Mutual in Los Angeles county. She told me the Limu the Emu commercials were their most successful advertising campaign of all time.

Go figure…

When a message board has a lengthy thread about “ear worm” commercials I know a communication expert has done their job.

The scam commercials are onerous, though. The Joe Namath ad, the Pat Boone ad (buying silver, maybe? I have managed to suppress that one), reverse mortgages, and the Baldwin ad about drug prices. Predatory.

One of my favorites is the Flo from Progressive sitting in the parlor with family members singing “Oh Danny Boy.” In three-part harmony. Priceless (and those ads are a special category, because they now burlesque themselves, poking fun at their past commercials).

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My cousin works for Kansas Speedway. Even he can’t figure out why Dominos would feature Hamlin in a commercial. He’s known to be a bit of a D bag. I don’t follow NASCAR at all, but I know Hamlin has a very punchable face.

I suspect that is because Liberty Mutual has never done a memorable commercial before, but those Limu Emu commercials are memorable for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure your daughter is a fine lady, but those commercials are stupid and irritating.

She also tells me that people have Limu the Emu parties, kid parties, birthday parties. I’m sure you are a fine guy, but…

Anyway, I have a great time kidding her about Limu, and I don’t think she’s much of a fan. But, if it brings in business. Who’s to say if they are wrong?


I hate the ASPCA and HSUS sob commercials with the sad music and the pitiful dogs. Both of those organizations have a terrible record (giving the vast majority of their donations to their executives.) Local SPCAs and Humane Societies are a completely different matter and well worth receiving donations.
When those things come on, the TV is immediately muted.


You gals/guys/(or whatever you are feeling like being today) must be sheltered from the lawyer commercials that we are bombarded with here. Lawyers make the laws, judges (all lawyers) decide how much they can make from their cases, and our lawyers here rake in a sizeable percentage of all settlements. A major portion of our commercials and billboards are about “hire me, and I’ll get you the money that you deserve”. For some unknown reason, these commercials and billboards “rub me wrong”.


A very valid point, and I’m sure she makes more money than I do, lol. One thing about Liberty Mutual, they have obviously spent a great deal of money on this campaign, and they don’t care whether or not I hate their commercials. The fact that I am commenting about how much I hate them means they have already won. Sad but true.

I 100% agree, Marty. I will never, for the life of me, understand how anyone could mistreat a dog. Dogs are the closest thing to God that we sorry humans will ever have contact with in our lives. If executives are making money showing commercials with mistreated dogs, I hope they burn in the hottest part of Hell.


The term “Ambulance chasers” says it all.

I am old enough to remember when the American Bar Assocation forbade lawyers from advertising on TV. Sure wish it was reinstated.


OMG! I’ve been using that as a nasal spray!

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Thank you Marty. Now I don’t feel guilty when I immediately turn those off.