OT Back in the day (FT Smith)

There was a sports caster from KFSM TV named Ken Hugie (sp) does anybody remember Ken? On FB or anything? I need to talk to him…

I vaguely remember him but no idea what he’s doing or even if he’s still alive. I think he spelled it Huge but pronounced it hyoo-gey.

Thanks Swine! Your correct Huge. That helped refresh my memory.

According to his Facebook he retired about a year ago in Iowa.

Yes just found this on LinkedIn. I was spelling his name wrong!

WHAT I need is a copy of a 12 minute video for fundraising. I can’t find mine. The video has Ken, then Norn, then Ossie, then Mayor Toothacker, then me the Project Coordinator of the Field of Dreams in Van Buren.

Ken Huge

2nd degree connection2nd

Retired and Ready for the next chapter.

University of Northern Iowa

Marshalltown, Iowa, United States Contact info

Ha, that takes me back a long time ago in Vista Hills.

Yep! He was business partners with my Father-In-Law. Tommy Vansant, Gerald Price, Dibrell Johnson, and the Mayor. They built North Hill & Some of Vista. He bought my 65 Mustang from me for Mark. Mark is in Louisville, at Spendthrift. Worlds largest stud farm or close.
I moved to VB in 77 and know the history, and back history very well…

I knew the Van Zant’s too. 77 was my junior year on the Hill.

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