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I really enjoy listening to audio books. I am listening to David Baldacci’s second book in the Robie Series “The Hit” right now. The TV is on and they just had a commercial for Audio Books that made me wonder how many people pay for that? I use the Overdrive App and Libby, both free, to access any library that I have a card for, and I regularly download mp3 audio books for free and listen to them while exercising, driving, working in the yard, etc. Occasionally, but not often, I have to wait on the reserve list to get the book I want but not often. The Central Arkansas Library System has a huge number of audio books and they will take requests to seek those they don’t. Do people just not want to wait on a book for free or do they don’t know about this?

I use Libby. Audio books are typically $20-$30 apiece!

If I made bank like RD or DD, I could swing that, but I’m fine with Libby


I used a combo of Libby and my various Kindle devices and apps. Libby makes audio books very easy. I prefer Kindle for actually reading the books though.

One of my kids lives in Hong Kong and I set up my granddaughter’s iPad to work with my library account. It’s fun to see how many books she checks out from there.

I still prefer to read books the old fashion way. I usually have at least two going ay anyone time. I prefer novels but dead non fiction also.

I have really enjoyed listening to my favorite books that I read in the past. The professional actors’ interpretations of the stories, many times, is very different from what I imagined in my head when I read them the first time. I have enjoyed everyone so far. I just finished listening to several of the C. S. Forester Hornblower books. Listening to books when you could not be reading it instead (driving on long trips, exercising, working in the yard, etc.) just increases my book enjoyment. It does not have to take the place of actually reading other books.

So, who pays $20+ for each audio book? Can anyone 'splain that?

“I was as shocked as you are!”

That’s in the voice of Dee, from Good Times. Love Rerun and Rog andDwayne and Shirley and the gang.


I am on Audio and have never paid close to $20-$30. That is more like a month of very heavy use. Have gone through all of David Baldacci books up to the last which is Altel Pine (or something like that). Will Robie is a great character as well and I just love Julie.

Right now I am going through the Craig Johnson Will Longmire collection. I think there are 13 of them. About half way through the series. I love his character development. Vick is a riot. Of course, I love Wyoming and the people there. It is only second to AR.

I do a lot of driving and airports. That has changed the whole way I look at travel. The other day, I caught myself nearly shouting to the Flight Attendent to shut up, I am trying to listen here. I caught myself before hand, but still thought it.

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I don’t use audio books. I read almost exclusively on my Kindle. I just finished The Hit and I’ve started The Target, Will Robie Book 3. I really enjoy Baldacci. My favorite of his is a bit out of the ordinary for him, Wish You Well.

I love the look and feel of a real book. However, the ability to increase the size of the font as the day goes on, and the option of changing the light intensity keeps me reading from a device. Plus, I like the synch between devices, so I can continue reading a book from my phone if I am at a doctors office, or before a movie, or at a stop sign. And I have multiple books going on without having to carry an actual heavy book around.

For a while, Borders Books offered a free e-book when you purchased the actual physical book. Wish that was still the general practice.

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I do audio books a lot (I don’t mean the company!). I have paid for a lot of books, usually about $7 I think I get some (Chirp is a good source) for as cheep as $1 or 2.

I do need to check into the library thing. Back in the old days I used to “books on tape” from my local library.

I finished “The Hit” and immediately downloaded “The Target” and I just passed the water boarding part. I have not read all of Baldacci’s work (amazing number of books) but my favorite so far is Decker series, the former pro football player with the photographic memory. Very interesting writer. I have been watching the SEC/Big 12 games (after the Hog game) with the sound off and “The Target” playing in my ears.

I read physical books, books on kindle, and listen to audiobooks on CD from the library—depending on my situation. I would NEVER pay for audiobooks when I can get them for free from the library. The enjoyment of audiobooks depends a lot on the reader for me. I will quit on a book if I don’t like the reader. My favorite reader is George Guidall who could make a phone book sound interesting!

Guidall does all of the Craig Johnson books. He brings each character to life and seems to nail each one. An amazing talent.

I read a lot of books. I have tried audio books, but to me it just seems like they are reading so slow! I know they aren’t, but it just seems that way because I am used to reading much faster.

On Libby, you can control the speed of the reader, normal or 1.25 or 1.5 or up to 2 x normal speed.


I am a fast reader but that does not mean I want to hear someone reading out loud as fast as I can read in my head. Whenever Libby accidentally resets to 1.25 or 1.5, it is very irritating to me, not pleasant at all. Not like normal conversation, more like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Yuck.

My son says the same thing about audio books. But I like them for when I can’t read (like during my drive to and from work). I agree that it is much slower than reading. It is funny when I am both reading and listening to a book (listen in the car, read at home at night), 20 minutes of reading covers a LOT more than 20 minutes of audio.

I tried doing that but the hopping around trying to find the right point on the Audio Book to pick up where the actual reading stopped really irritates me. I don’t mind doing it. I just don’t like hearing the parts that I haven’t read or heard yet trying to find the right place to begin the Audio Book again. It kind of spoils it for me until I get past the parts I heard enough of to know they were new. Just a pet peave I guess. I have the same problem when I fall asleep listening to an Audio Book, so I can’t escape that even if I am not switching back to actual reading and then back to the Audio Book.

Looks like this review agrees with me on the best series:

Top Rated Baldacci Series

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