OT: Attended a GRIT program by Sidney Moncrief

Wednesday. It is a leadership training program he does. It was very good, but that isn’t the point of this post.

At one point in the program they announced they were going to have some trivia questions to win some prizes. The first question was “What number did Sidney wear at Arkansas?” I immediately stood up and said “32!” and won. The next question was “What number did Sidney wear in the NBA?” Of course I knew the answer was “4” but I didn’t think it was fair to when two in a row, so I told the girl next to me the answer and she won.

It was my first time to meet Sidney in person. It was great to finally meet one of my teenage idols!


Super Sid is always kind and humble.
He always give credit to his coaches and teammates.

Sir Sid knows a lot about grit…

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