OT: Anyone watch 1883?

I know we had an old thread on 1883. Has anyone made it through to the end? I finished it last night. I won’t say anything at this time because I don’t want to add a spoiler.

I will say it is an amazing show. Gritty, harsh, and thoroughly enjoyable. Hard to watch at times.

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I watched it last night… will be interesting if there is another season… great show.

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I think I read somewhere that the 1883 was a one season thing and they may jump forward to 1929 for the next one. There are still rumors of a series with Jimmy and the 6666 ranch in Texas, but not sure how that’s gonna work out because supposedly Jimmy is back at the Yellowstone for season 5.

So far I really enjoyed Yellowstone and now that 1883 season is over I’ll binge watch that.

If you enjoyed these series, I’d suggest Longmire and Justified. You would probably like those as well.

yeah, the follow-up will be 1932. I’ve watched Justified a few years ago. not watched Longmire yet.

I’m not as enamored in the Yellowstone/Dutton thing. I watched 1883 because it’s a western with Sam Elliot and I’m not sure I will watch 1932.

I would watch a series of the building of the Yellowstone ranch in the 1800’s

It would make sense to jump forward I think, would be a very different set of characters even if they stayed in 1883… LOVED Justified, haven’t watched Longmire but have heard good things… will have to check it out.

What channel are they on? I have direct TV. Are they Pay channels?


Watched 1883. Finished it the other night. Didn’t like the way it ended. It’s like the show ended by falling into an abyss. But it was a really good series.
Longmire was really great as well. Sure wish they would continue with additional seasons.
Justified was great! It could have kept on as well!

Enjoyed every segment—-there will not be another series

Sackett - Is your screen name related to the Sackett’s of Louis L’amour?

Justified is probably still my all time favorite series. The last 2 seasons weren’t quite as good as the first 4 seasons, because Best selling author, Elmore Leonard, the creator of “Marshal Raylan Givens”, died. It was said that Elmore had input in nearly every episode in the first 4 seasons.

For those that loved Justified, I saw that it was announced that in 2022, FX is going to show a “limited Series” with Timothy Olyphant returning as Marshal Givens. Don’t know if they have a date set.

I watched the last episode of 1883 last night. Tough episode to watch. I liked the series a lot. I liked the first 3 series of Yellowstone better. I hope 5 will be better than 4 was.

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I’ve watched all the series that have been mentioned. Enjoyed everyone…

…For everyone who has Paramount Plus, a new series is coming named “Joe Pickett”. The series is based on books by CJ Box. He has written 17 books based on a Wyoming game warden named Joe Pickett. I have read every book and hope the series is as good as his books.

Petra and I pair what we call 1882 (HBO’s A Gilded Age) and 1883 on Monday nights.

Great stuff.

And yes, no second season of 1883. It’s on to 1932.

Loved 1883.

Loved Longmire.

Guess I ought to try Justified, huh?

Hard to imagine anyone not enjoying Justified, if you like drama series.


Longmire is my all-time favorite. Nothing close for me but I did like Ted Lasso, too.

Justified was just awesome. Walton Goggins and Timothy Olyphant. Great TV.

How can I watch the old episodes of Justified? Anybody know?


Best I can tell, it’s only streaming on VUDU. I believe VUDU is a free streaming service that allows you to buy or rent movies or past TV series. VUDU is one of my channels on my ROKU.

I haven’t set up my VUDU account (It’s free). It let me do a search and I did find all 6 seasons of Justified. When I pulled it up, it showed a purchase price for each season as $22.95 to 24.95. That would probably be something less than $2 an episode?

Absolutely and my grandson also named Sackett

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Have also read all his books and series have to be exciting

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Can you stream in via FX where it originally aired?