OT: Anyone else see the picture of Billy Ray Cyrus on Yahoo

wearing a Razorback cap? The article was about his wife sharing a picture of their marijuana stash, so, not so sure I like the publicity. I just thought it was interesting. It was only the “cover photo” that had him in a Hog cap, the pictures inside the story were different.

Not sure what the connection is but he has popped up for a number of years in pictures wearing a Hog cap.

Well I’m not surprised he’s wearing a hog hat. I wish the subject being covered would have been positive instead of dope

know at one time levon helms of "the band"used to give them out to friends.roger waters of pink floyd tells a story of how levon gave him one and it has become his favorite fishing caps.

Pot is legal in AR now & dispensaries in the works. Not that I care I don’t use.
Now if she was showing their opioid stash which isn’t illegal either if you have a script, but much more of an epidemic.