OT - Anyone else having problems getting to ArkansasOnline.com?

That is the site of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper. I get the “This Page Is Not Working” error message.

I use nwaonline and it is working just fine.

I had no idea what it is, but went over on google and get it fine. I gave up on ADG years ago when it went to a pay site. I will check it out better.

Unfortunately, my Arkansasonline.com sign in does not work with NWAonline.com. The DemGaz went to all digital delivery of their paper except Sundays so, apparently, all of their subscribers are without the paper today. Technology is great until its not. :frowning:

I get mine through the NWADG app and was able to read it this morning. You might want to try it on the ADG or NWADG app instead of a web browser.

Just for those who are disappointed when the digital services don’t work, sometimes presses don’t work. Snow and ice outages used to shut down presses. Sometimes Thunder storms knock out my sattelite TV. Or power outages knock out my modem. Stuff happens to EVERY media services and that’s always been the case.

The last time I logged in to ADG/Aronline, there was a notice they had completed a system upgrade and that I had to log in again. Not what I would describe as a “difficulty”, but that has been my experience in the past couple of days.

I guess I missed the memo on their “upgrade.” We are in Dallas, babysitting our grandson so I am away from my little notebook with all of my logins and passwords written down. It took five tries for me to finally get the right guess on mine so I could log in to the new site. I like it better so that’s good. Thanks for the info.

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