OT: another version of William Tell Overture


That is awesome!

I miss the way Hog basketball used to do the William Tell Overture. I know they still play it but the timing is not comparable. For those of you who don’t remember, the announcer would introduce the visitors and the students would go through the “Who’s that?” and “nice hair”, etc. Then the lights at Bud Walton would dim and the band would start the song before the Hogs lineup was announced. At the first break in the song when the crowd yells “GO HOGS” you would have all 20,000 in unison and it really juiced up the atmosphere. Then the announcer would go through the lineup and the lights would come back up. That was so exciting and loud…I don’t understand why they quit doing it that way. It was as exciting as a deafening Hog call after a slam dunk on Kentucky!



FYI, when Jim Robken was at UA, William Tell was his call. There was no scripting of the run through Barnhill. He would pick and choose his moments and the front office person who helped organize cheerleaders, band, etc., knew to roll with it. There were crude hand signals worked out with cheerleaders but in the end, it was no big deal to improvise a TO so JR could do his thing.

Part of the magic that is lost is that Robken is director of bands elsewhere (La Tech). Part of the lost magic is the horrific over-scripting of timeouts to squeeze out the cheerleaders and band and squeeze in another promo or advertisement.


All it lacked was a “Go Hogs”! Wonderful

Loved that Baumbastic…and here’s my favorite version of it…by some guy from Arkansas


Not near as good as Glen Campbell, but I have always got a kick out of this one:

@elihogs that is fabulous. I had forgotten about that and I love it.

@stillgreghog :rofl: :rofl:

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