OT-- Another big day tomorrow

Just as an update at 3pm tomorrow afternoon I will be with my urologist Dr. Mark Hewett. His office is in Rogers. His group is Urology Associates-Nw Arkansas: Hewett Mark MD.
He is from Ft Smith but moved to NW Arkansas not to get more business but to get away from the huge practice his Dad had built up over the years. He one time told me he could
work 24/7 365 days a year and not have time to see everyone at his dad’s practice. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to see a urologist. A big Razorback fan and his
personality, along with exceptional relationship skills make him a great doctor to see.

Maybe that into was a bit over the top but I’m wondering has anyone taken action to go and get their check up? I have and I go every 3 months to have my PSA # checked. Tomorrow it is time for another biopsy. I have the bad neck that in time will need surgery again but the risks are very high. 2 knees that need replaced but all the doctors are really watching the low grade prostate cancer that I have. My energy level seems to be getting lower that from the last check up.

Did you know that every man to some degree has prostate cancer? So do yourself a favor and go get checked out. As of the last biopsy the cancer has stayed even. Some concern (not counting all the aches & pains) is my energy level. I have gained some of my weight back but we will see how this ones goes. For one split second give me a thought or prayer. Thanks

339, you are in our prayers. I get checked during my annual physical. Wishing the best for you.

Keeping you in my prayers. Have faith.

I’m approaching the age where such checks are necessary. Some things you just have to do.