OT and just crazy

in my mind. Back i the chair for the the time moment.

As as stated a long time ago. BOTH knees needed full replacement.

Surgery done the first week in February of 1990. Only the right knee. TIME went on and was tolrd things were just fin. (In Ft Smith}

FINALLY moved on to Dr Arnold in Fay. The Razorback Knee Dr.

NOBODY should have to go through what I I just went through.

February 6th 2018 until today on the road to recovery AUGUST 4th 2019. And back home!

Can’t put it into words. TOTAL knee replacement… Thank’s Dr!!!
Times 2…

wow, that sounds awful! so glad to hear you are back at home!


glad you’re home and doing good…may need a hip replacement in the future myself…but…i always remember the 6 million dollar man…“we can rebuild him…bigger better”

You’re a tuff hombre!
Real Razorback,

There is no doubt 339 is a tough hombre. Times 339!

Keep fighting 339, we’re rooting you on. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I was in. PT for a shoulder problem several years ago and witnessed a lady doing her first PT after knee replacement. It pained me to watch her.

You are a tough hombre.

Bobby Smiles is a classmate from Neosho.

‘Game changer’: New cold procedure revolutionizing knee replacement surgery and recovery

18 months of working out. I worked out 6 hours a day.

After 14 months, killer workouts, I finally asked for a 2nd opinion.

Even asked on here. Dr. Christopher Arnold was suggested.

So after a total of 20 months , PAIN and tears, the pain is gone. STILL doing rehab. But I’m going to make it.

Thanks for the comments!!

Great docs are important. Not all are created equal. I know that’s common sense, but it’s also the way we have to look at it.