OT ? About Old Waverly

Have any of you guys played Old Waverly golf course? Our club has a trip there this weekend and I’m going. We play both their courses, Old Waverly Friday and Sunday and the other one Saturday. I’m resolved to travel with our club each year now that we are empty nesters. I’ve watched my sons play school golf for the last 10 years this time of the year, so now it’s my turn to have fun and get back into it!

I’m sure I’ll lose some $$ this weekend(Ruston guys are slick) but I’ll eat and drink well!

Butch, older brother, goes with a group from Tuscaloosa to Old Waverly every summer. He raves about it. He thinks it’s an awesome place.

Was privileged to play it, the original course, several years ago. Very good track… Closing hole is a challenge… You’ll enjoy it…

We are playing their links style course on Saturday with high expected around 40 degrees w/ stout winds. I love links golf but I’m not sure about all those State fans over there. Hope they don’t start ringing cowbells while I’m there…I’ll carry my bag in case I need to sedate some State fans while there.

I’m carrying my black bag in case we need to shoot up some joints with cortisone after golf! One of the orthopedists did that at Banden Dunes 2 years ago after all those guys walked 36 in one day. All those 50-60 year old knees and hips needed some steroids!

I walked at Southern Hills in May. It was too wet for carts. There are no cart paths except near greens and tees. And I walked Honors Club (was not given a choice by my host).

Both times my knees ached for last few holes. My left knee is pretty bad. No more scopes according to Mark Powell, my knee doctor.

I am sure I could walk 18 easily if I’d drop 15 pounds (or 25).

Golf should be played walking. It is a far better experience. Except with bad knees.

Of course my knees ache after wading on slick rocks. There is nothing more fun (or that causes more pain with a fragment of cartilage left).

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ATTN; how in the world do you lose 15-25 lbs. I have stopped drinking, stopped smoking but it kills me to lose weight. The second I think I’m going to lose weight, all I can think about is food and candy, chocolate anything.

Now this throws a curve in the topic but I’m thinking about playing golf again. After a 15 year layoff, due to pain in swinging any club.

You are correct about golf should be played walking & spot on about the weight…I need to drop 20 lbs after not working out much thru Covid. I miss Pine Hills golf Club here in WM bc I could walk it pretty easily. Squire Creek is a BRUTE to walk so we pick our spots if we walk 9. Im amazed at LA Techs golf team walking that course EVERY day playing 18…tough guys that are conditioned.

I used to really enjoy the two Little Rock public courses close to the med school bc the walk always decompressed my mind some from the stress of school.

Anyway, this thread has reminded me I’m just getting old. What happened to my 135 yard pitching wedge shot that now is maybe 105 yards?

LOL. You know how to fix that, don’t you? During my club fitting a couple of weeks ago, I brought in my 1987-vintage 7 iron and compared it to the 7 irons he was having me try. The modern 7s are about two clubs stronger loft than my old 7. In fact, the loft of the 7 in the set I eventually settled on is stronger than my current 5 iron. Yet because of the lower center of gravity I can easily get shots to fly high.

You guys do realize you lose a pound for walking 35 miles. I am 86 and walk as much as possible but it is not a weight loss thing, but a very good exercise habit.
Bad knees are a big problem.

Old Waverly is a cool place. It feels like you go back in time there. Juli Inkster won the women’s open.on that course. The golf course is good one, but not a great one. Dancing Rabitt is in Philadelphia, MS near there and is a great course.

Played Dancing Rabbit a few times & it is very nice. I’m looking forward to Old Waverly

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I got 4 wedges. I am still about 115 on pitching wedge. I hit my PW around 145 in college (if I needed to). When do you need that? When going over a tree. That’s a smooth 7 iron now.

They postponed the trip this weekend. Forecast calling for snow Friday night…that’s not golf weather in my book!

Smart. Gotta be better days for outdoor stuff.

It’s cheaper to just play from the red tees.:smile:

I do that too

I’m good as long as the new dates don’t interfere with first week of turkey season. I’ve got several good birds on my land in Crossett. I like messing with them, occasionally getting lucky enough to kill one. The best is calling one up for the boys and watch their adrenal glands kick in!


Have played Dancing Rabbit, it’s a beautiful golf course! Have not played Old Waverly but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.
Lot of great golf courses in Gulf Shores that’s my favorite place to golf.

Can’t anyone be in better shape than the Hog golf teams walking The Blessings.

I’ll be down. Love turkey hunting!

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