OT: A picture to brighten your day


It’s not Old Yeller, but it’s got a lot of yellow.

That’s beautiful…looks kinda like New Mexico

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There is nothing like a pointer down on birds. I quail hunted a good deal in the 70’s had some decent dogs but hunted with a buddy who had great dogs. Nothing like watching great dogs work. Nothing…

Thanks Marty. What beauty.

That would be outside of Las Cruces. Colt’s trainer posted pictures of the poppies a couple of days ago. I made a (semi) smart-aleck remark that a picture of a dog on point in the middle of that would be really pretty. He took the hint.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to go a few times along with several top-notch bird dogs. And I agree that it’s a majesticical sort of thing and every time one would point I’d get goosebumps.

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Beautiful scene of your dog. He has a nice point.

Birds know they been had!

I thought I recognized the Organ Mountains

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