OT: A personal goal accomplished

I have been showing dogs for over 45 years. I’ve had some very nice dogs that did well in the show ring and were quality hunting dogs. I’ve had a lot of champion show dogs for someone who does not breed. (I’ve been showing for well over 45 years.)

I’ve often thought that the peak of owning a breed like mine (German Shorthaired Pointers) was to finish a dog as both a show champion and a field champion. That is known as a Dual Champion. It means that the dog is a quality representative of the breed in the show ring and an outstanding bird dog. The field championship is particularly hard to win, since the dogs must beat field champions in order to earn points toward that title.

Today the dog in my avatar (known as Colt) finished his field championship to become a Dual Champion. I’ve alternated between excitement and tears. I can’t run around the ring like I used to, so one of his breeders showed him. That’s followed by the picture that I received from his field handler today.

Presenting Dual Champion Ehrenvogel Shots Fired at Elwing


Wow. Congratulations :clap::clap:

does this dog have the Ashland City connection? quail have faded from memory, but were great sources of joy when I was a kid. Congrats big time.

Wow congrats Marty.
I had a Hungarian Vizla once that came from championship blood lines. Great dog once ya got him settled, whew - great nose & beautiful dog but a tad hyper. Lol

Congrats, I know nothing of show dogs but love the ones I have had over the years.

Way to go Marty!

Mind explaining the name? “Shots Fired”?

Some of my best childhood memories were bird hunting with my dad and a couple of great dogs we had. Just amazing to watch those dogs work a covey.

That is amazing. Like dfarris I’ve done a good deal of quail hunting back in the day. Watching the dogs work was more fun that shooting the quails.

Congratulations Marty, what a huge accomplishment. Love the outfit too. A true fan and lady.

Knowing Marty, she is not one to brag. She is low key. But I am so glad she shared this. She is a big part of our family so this is a great day for the HI family, too.

It is not true that every dog has its day. Rarely do they have two, much less one. Marty’s dog had two of the best days. Blue ribbons!

Way to go Marty! :medal_sports:

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When I got the call from his field trainer, I alternated between tears and sheer joy. BTW, I don’t cry easily.

Beautiful dog Marty, congratulations

The Ashland City connection was a different dog. He was a Pointer named BOB (Big Orange Boy). BOB was a very good bird dog, but didn’t have quite the run that is wanted in a field trial dog. He was, however, built for endurance and (even when not is peak condition) could run all day.

This dog has Texas roots. His breeders are from College Station and his sire is from Las Cruces.

Good Heavens… so you started when you were 4 years old. :wink:

Congrats Marty! (I hope there were 50 or less dogs at the show).

A sincere and big, big congratulations! I won’t be able to say it first hand and give you a congratulatory hug, since baseball has been postponed and likely cancelled for the rest of this season. I hope you are able to see your dog compete first hand in the future, especially in the field. I’d much rather see a dog work than shoot a bird as I’ve gotten older. I wish you and your dog much future success. GHG!

Congratulations! Beautiful dog!

Congratulations! I can see how proud you are of this beautiful dog.

Gosh, this dog should get to sleep on the foot of the bed now. Right, Marty?

Very happy for you Marty!

Congrats, well done and well deserved. :+1::+1:

When I get him home, he will!!