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Glad you guys had a wonderful day fishing Clay. My dad took me bass fishing in the buffalo up in NE Ark. back in '81 and we also had a very fun & productive day. Looking back I don’t recall the exact count but a very nice stringer full. My comments lead to this question. From that pic with that amazing trout, the background reminded me of parts of being on the buffalo yet after reading I see that’s not the case. We had drove from L.R.to fish the buffalo so in relation …where is the White River located? I’ve never fly fished yet I’ve always wanted to as well. Thanks for any insight/help.

Buffalo River empties into White River below Cotter. I was in upper area of White below Bull Shoals Dam well above Cotter.

Sounded like a lot of fun!!

The Buffalo doesn’t run into the NE part of the state. Like Clay said, it runs into the White River below Cotter.

Tough to catch many smallies on the Buffalo these days. Crooked Creek used to be a great for smallies but not so much any more either.

Thanks for the all input. And my bad on the NE. It was roughly 40 years ago and I just guessed it rather than mapping it out.

In our younger days we floated the Buffalo a lot. From Buffalo point to Rush. Wonderful days and memories. Never fished it but spent many hours canoeing this glorious river.

Maybe some day these old folks can do it again. I hope.

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We camped the weekend when we went and two things really stood out to me. Well three because it was serenely beautiful too but and we’re talking mid-summer weather here, the water was ice cold and it was extremely clear. One of our campsite buddies suggested if I waded out waist deep around 10 o’clock that nite I’d be able to still see my feet. Well, I did and he was right!

Is it possible that you were on the Spring River in NE Arkansas. That would make sense, especially if you remember the water being ice cold in mid summer. The Buffalo has some cold spots where springs come in to the river but typically I wouldn’t describe it as being “ice cold”. But then again, if you were fishing for smallmouth that probably wasn’t the Spring either. Perhaps you were right on a spring.

White is frigid too. It’s a tailwater meaning water is released 200’feet below the top of water column. It is cold year round, why it supports trout, not smallmouth.

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