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Today me and Suzi celebrate 50 years of marriage. She walked into Weingartens in December of 69 and I’ve not had eyes for any other woman since. Her mom worked with me there and introduced us. We’re blessed with two great daughters, two great son in laws and 7 grandchildren. Suzi has been my rock and she is a HUGE Hog fan too. Although she says I yell too much at the TV. We’re spending the week in Ponte Verdra beach. I am blessed.


Congrats and enjoy the trip

Congrats on the anniversary. As the old saying goes “behind every good man is a very good woman”
Enjoy your special day and achievement.

Congrats. The 50th anniversary in a good marriage is a monumental event. I don’t think I ever saw my parents as happy as they were during their 50th Celebration. Enjoy all the great memories and have a blast.

Congrats my dad died before my parents 50th. Enjoy!

Yes you are blessed, LD, as am I since I have been with the love of my life for 44 wonderful years! Congrats and Woo Pig Sooie!!

You are lucky dude. Guess that goes for 50 years of good fortune.

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Excellent. Y’all have a great time!!

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Congrats, and thanks for sharing. Here’s to many more decades ahead!

Educate me peeps, what is the “OT” that starts a lot of folks posts?

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Congratulations Hog Friend

Hope it’s the best getaway ever

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Happy Anniversary!!


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