OT: 4A playoff game postponed

Bus or buses carrying Helena-West Helena Central team to playoff game tonight in Arkadelphia involved in accident on I-30 at Benton. Apparently some minor injuries for coaches and players. Game postponed, no word on when it will be played. Would kinda have to be tomorrow, I would think, unless HWHC forfeits. Hootens had Arkadelphia favored by 32 anyway.


I just hope and pray the players and coaches are alright! The game being postponed is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.


Thank you Swine ! You seem to keep up with everything going on.

Arkadelphia is my alma mater. I logged on to Facebook to find an old friend posting about the postponement, then tracked down further details.

My wife road the megabus from Dallas and passed the wreck at around 5:30. The radio reported that there were no serious injuries and that Benton had provided buses to get the team and band to the game. I wonder if they went back to Helena to return tomorrow for the postponed game?

Update: AAA to decide game time this morning after consulting with Helena-West Helena administration.

Complicating factor is that with the game in Arkadelphia, there is a little matter called the Battle of the Ravine going on this afternoon at 1 p.m. at the Ouachita stadium. As usual, that stadium will be packed. It’s not as big an issue as it once was, when Arkadelphia played its home games at Henderson’s stadium across the street, but a lot of fans would hope to attend both games and local law enforcement would be stretched thin to provide security/traffic control at both. Imagine Fayetteville High playing a home playoff game on a Razorback football Saturday; it wouldn’t be quite that bad but you get the idea.

HWH has forfeited according to the AAA, per Muck.

Correct. Saw Facebook post to that effect from the HWH school board president. Arkadelphia moves on to play at Southside-Batesville, if I’m reading the bracket correctly.