OT; 2nd Grandchild came tonight!

Daughter in law went to the hospital at 5:30, child born at 7:30! It’s a girl! :grinning:

My wife is already there, I will be heading to NWA first thing in the morning!!!


Congratulations! Grands are our rewards in life.


Outstanding news

Safe travels Greg. What. Great feeling.

Congrats, Greg. I’ve given up on getting grandkids.

Me too Jeff. But I do have Gage’s son to hang with me. He calls me CooCoo. Like I’m Crazy Clay. It stuck when he was 2. Gage asked if it bothers me to be CooCoo. Nope.

As soon as Wyatt (now 7) gets to their river house, he wants me to come get him. He knows CooCoo will have something to do.

He does not have any real grandfathers left. He sometimes refers to me in front of others as his grandfather and that’s just fine. He knows I’m not. But knows that’s my role. Pretty smart.


Congrats from Paragould , Greg.

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Congrats, one of life’s greatest blessing.

Pretty special, for both parties. Very special.

Just got to hold her for the first time! I’m in love already!!!


Nothing absolutely nothing compares to grandchildren— congratulations

Congrats Greg. I held my second granddaughter for the first time six months ago. It’s just amazing.

Best wishes.

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