OT - 26 years ago yesterday

Desert Storm kicked off.

Hell of a scrap. Hell of a place to hang out for a few months.

God bless you and your service. My son spent two tours in Iraq (the second dance with SH) and I have nothing but admiration for all that served this country.

I don’t think many of really understand what went on there then and now. I sat in the office of Fitz Hill sometime in the 90s and looked at his photo album from pictures he took while serving in Desert Storm. He had photos of burned up Iraqi tanks and trucks. There were still people sitting inside, crispy. He showed those pictures to players to encourage them to get their degrees so they would not have to go in the military. I was stunned at the graphic nature of the pictures. Those images were burned in Hill’s mind as he talked about his time there. I never served. I don’t have any concepts of what military or war is like. I just don’t. I talked to my uncles who served in World War II. My dad was 4F and was not allowed to enlist during WWII. But my uncles all were in the Navy. They told me some tough stories. They couldn’t sleep thinking their ship would be sunk during the night by submarines. I just don’t have those concepts. Fitz did.