OT: '26 World Cup coming to Kansas City and Dallas

Which means it will be better for soccer fans in Arkansas – anywhere in Arkansas – than it is for me in eastern NC. The closest World Cup site to me is Atlanta, which is about the same distance as Arrowhead Stadium is to Little Rock, and obviously JerryWorld is closer to LR than that. Washington, Baltimore and Nashville were all turned down as sites. Although in a quirk of East Coast geography, Philly and New York (also selected as sites) are both closer to me than Nashville is.

I’m reading that there will be stadium renovations needed in both Arlington and KC to meet FIFA stadium standards, and that that could hasten a decision on the fate of Arrowhead Stadium, which is 50+ years old – ancient for a current NFL stadium. The mayor of KC said yesterday that will cost at least $50 million. The work will involve putting in a special ventilation system for the grass field, which will be raised, and taking out some seats in the corners; that seems to apply for both KC and JerryWorld.

They haven’t decided where the championship match will be played. Jerry said the other day he’s confident it will be in JW. Most neutral observers expect it to be played in MetLife Stadium outside New York, or SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles (both will also need some rearranging).

Don’t know if you have attended a WC game. If you haven’t, do attend some. There is nothing more enjoyable if you are a sports fan.

I took my clients from Mexico to 1994 WC game in DC for the Mexico-Italy game. It was a wonderful two day experience. The train from the hotel to the game was full of Mexican and Italian fans. They sang the various chants against each other all the way to the stadium. It was like getting Arkansas fans and Ole Miss fans in the same room prior to the game and then in the walkway to the game. Will never forget that experience.

Hope to catch a couple in four years.

I have not. I have attended a US-Panama friendly in the Sporting KC Park and a US-Mexico friendly at NRG in Houston, but not a WC match.

Saving my cash for the 2031 World Cup that’ll be hosted by the USA.

Hoping to catch the All Blacks, Springboks and Wallabies, somehow, someway

In 1994, I lived in the Linda Glen neighborhood of Pasadena over-looking the arroyo where the Rose Bowl is located. I could sit on my front patio and listen to the racket of 7 or 8 WC games, including the final. Italy may have been in the final. My agency was most concerned with and alert to hooliganism and those involved with that azzho…ry. Great event for the city of Pasadena and the LA basin. Agree with you, make it to a WC game for a not to be forgotten experience. JMO.

My brother Butch just moved to KC. So he’s planning on Sarah coming for sure. He bought a condo on 15th floor at The Plaza. Bounced out of Tuscaloosa.

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You have good memory. Brazil beat Italy in the final.

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