Ot: 1998 MLB and McGwire

I’ve been watching the Ken Burns’ Baseball series. Today I have the first disc of The Tenth Inning playing. It brings back so many memories. There was to be a loss of innocence in later years.

The biggest memory for me was the McGwire home run chase. I was working in Houston for a few months. (Moving there with 4 dogs was an adventure, but that’s another story.) The Cardinals came to town to play the Stros. Several of us from work got tickets. We saw him hit (IIRC) his 33rd. It was thrilling.


Is that series on PBS?

It was originally. I have the DVDs. The first series concluded in 1994. The Bottom of the Tenth covers 1992 - 2009.

BTW, the MLB network frequently plays Baseball in the off season. It is a “9 inning” series, each program runs about 2 hours or so.

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