OSU is very, very tough. They punish each and every pitching mistake. Their 2 best pitchers are coming up. They have done nothing in the CWS, but I saw something like 16-1 or 14-1. Very good anyway. Their fielding is a little off I understand.

Good pitching stops good hitting, but I have not been impressed by our pitching. Knight has a great record, but can be a little off at times. I have the idea that he gets into trouble and then has the ability to make great pitches to get out of it. If he fools around with this team, there will be no opportunity to come back and make great pitches. They will have already scored.

After Knight, pitching can be very good or just good. Just good will not get it done against this bunch. Every pitch for 9 innings must be there.

We have a good offense. It has been very good these last 3 games. It is going to have to step it up a notch for this serries. Can that happen?

Fielding has been solid. There can be no errors. You cannot give these guys any second chances.

Bottom line is we are going to have to step our total game up a couple notches to win 2 of 3 from these guys. Of course, this is for the National Championship so that is how it should be.

There is another side to the coin. Their pitching staff’s ERA is 3.33 on the season. That’s very good, but ours is 3.55 and we’ve done that against the toughest schedule in the country. Just considering offense, we’ve played offensive juggernaut teams such as Ole Miss (3 times), Florida (5), Kentucky (3), Auburn (3), and Texas Tech (2). That’s about 1/3 of our schedule against some of the best hitting and highest scoring teams in the country!

Compare that to who OSU has posted their pitching states against - their SOS is a deceiving 29 because it was much lower than that but has sky-rocketed up due to who they have played in the tournament. I’m sure they have a good team, but I’m not any more afraid of them than they should be of us.

In my mind, it’s a very equally matched finals, in terms of overall talent and balance. I think game #1 will be the key to the series. Whoever can win that game will have a tremendous opportunity to win the whole thing.

Agree…game 1 is HUGE and I feel a must win for us. I did read a quote from their coach after last nights game that he was concerned as they seemed to be running out of gas towards the end of it. I know it is the Championship but they have played 5 games to our 3 and one would think at some point that might catch up with them. At least that is what I am counting on. I don’t expect these games to be low scoring either! Already started the prayers lol!!!

This is going to be at battle of who can make the best pictures at the right time they are the best offense we’ve seen and we are the best offense they’ve seen.
Both teams do a great job of making you throw strikes and then punishing your mistakes.
I think to beat OSU you have to change pitches and be able to throw your off-speed stuff for strikes so you can keep them off balance if you have just one they will sit on it and hit it hard. They have a very good bullpen with two very tough lefties which concerns me because we haven’t seen many Lefty Bullpen guys that are that good.

Winning game 1 will be huge because if they beat Blaine Knight I’m not sure how our team will react.
I have a good feeling though it’s our time to win I expect our guy to come out and play very hard and execute like they’re going to need to execute with runners in scoring position and if we do that I think we will score enough to beat them they are going to score so it will be up to us to outscore them