OSU with a better athletic program....

First half is yet more proof (as if any more is needed) that Oklahoma State has a better athletic program than Arkansas. Which is sad, really. Maybe it’ll get better. Sure hope so. And don’t give me the “we’re better because we are in the SEC crap.” That dog don’t hunt.

The only crap in this thread is the OP, pal. Good lord, even after Long gets run out of town you don’t give up.

By the way, the “better athletic program” lost.

Do you ever get tired of yourself?

No. Because I speak the truth. And deep down you know it. Now that Bielema and Long are gone, you and Swine, thankfully, still have a cause — preserving Mike’s job. Glad you two have something to keep you occupied.

Mike doesn’t need my help to keep his job. My cause is to provide a voice of sanity on this board to counteract the trolls.

I am curious, though. What would a coach at Arkansas have to do before you WOULDN’T want him fired?

Arkansas needs to be relevant in basketball again, dammit. Sweet 16 caliber should be the standard. Mike’s not gotten there after a reasonable time period and I am frankly not sure he can. That is why I am critical of him.

You seem to be more tolerant. But, contract extension notwithstanding, I have a feeling Mike’s seat will warm with folks now overseeing athletics. Is Tommy Boyer really going to tolerate mediocrity in basketball? Surely not.

Football? Love the Coach Morris hire. He needs to do as well as Petrino. Occasional BCS game. Great in game coaching, enough big wins every year to keep
The fan base passionate.

Tell me how I’m unreasonable? You can’t, because I’m not.

we win the game [pretty or not ] and people r griping. that just is amazing . I have been a hog fan since the 60’s it just blows my mind that fans gripe about the wins about as bad as the loses. It used to be fun to get on the message boards after a win it isn’t anymore and that is SAD.

I hear you man. I think those that are griping have some personal issues that they are trying to overcome. Griping on this board makes them feel better when they fail.


Get out of here. Fail? I just want a top 15 basketball team. This ain’t it, friend. And last year it wasn’t either. Arkansas fans deserve a top 15 team. We are damn good basketball fans. How can you argue to the contrary?

If you’ll notice it’s usually the same 3-4 miserable tough guys. Over and over and over and over. Just miserable people.

I wasn’t saying you want the team to fail. I was saying you gripe on this board when YOU fail at addressing your own personal issues. So you take it out on others. We all want the same thing you want with this program, we just address it a different way. I like your passion, just not the delivery.

That’s all you got. Figures.

Personal issues? You make a reckless assumption. Absurd. This is a message board. I’m not out of bounds in any of my posts. You have no idea what you are talking about. You blindly support the program like the others. Whatever.


I guess that depends on if we are using tonight’s refs…

What do you mean? Overall athletic program or basketball and football? Overall athletic program, it’s pretty close.

By the way, Arkansas finished 20th in the Learfield cup standings last year. Okie State finished 27th.

So, what’s your suggestion? Fire the coach with the second best record in the conference the last 3 years and restart with an up and coming coach and hope that he has a chance to do better, because you’re impatient? People seem to forget Pelphrey and Heath were the 2 hires we were able to get before CMA. CMA was the biggest name coach attached to those interested in the Arkansas job when he accepted it.

If I remember correctly, you have been rooting for four years now for Mike’s seat to get warm. It ain’t happening and is frustrating the hell out of you. Each Hog win has to be excruciating.

Don’t understand why you are predicting greatness for mostly unproven Morris. He hasn’t won a game yet.