OSU-Washington won't resume until after 5:30

They’ll reassess the weather at 5:30 is what that means. Who knows when they’ll actually resume. This could end up affecting our game time tomorrow, I guess. Maybe even bump it to Wednesday.

I checked the score on the NCAA site a little while ago & it showed they were in T6 for the longest. I suspected there was a weather delay. If it’s that bad, I assume there’s little to no chance MSU-UNC play tonight. Really hate that. I don’t want our game delayed. Maybe they can start the Moo-Tars tomorrow morning about 9:00 if they can’t start tonight.

It is pouring in Council Bluffs at 5:15 and there are a number of thunder boomers too.

So, it’s pouring in CB, does that mean you’re passing time in the casino?

:lol: I’m not a gambler, but it would be something to do. I’m staying in CB.

I’m no engineer, meteorologist, financier and not even a very decent carpenter…but it strikes me that if ever a case for a retractable roof, Omaha should be toward the front of the line.

I drove through downtown around 5:45 and big lightning strikes were all over the place.

News Flash! The Omaha City Council just approved fast tracking the building of an Ark!!

Game has resumed. And Perry Costello is behind the plate

Good. Not likely to be behind the plate in our game tomorrow.

This is game 5 of the CWS. There are two alternating crews of umps in Omaha, I believe. Each ump rotates from spot to spot on the field. Thus, if I am correct, Costello’s next time behind the plate would be Game 13. There may not even be a game 13; that would be a winner-take-all on Saturday in one of the brackets. Best of all worlds: Costello is behind the plate for UNC-Oregon State Saturday and he won’t get the chance to screw us.

The weather forecast the next three or four days in Omaha looks like at least some rain every day, with Wednesday maybe being a complete washout and Thursday being iffy at best to play baseball. We really need to get that game in tomorrow, but any kind of delay like the first two days is going to make it tough, since they are not going to start the first game until 10 a.m., and they have been putting 55-60 minutes between games.