I watched a little of that. The difference was obvious to me. Of course, OSU has some great skill folks. Still, the difference was their Oline. The QB had forever to pick out which one of those skill people to get the ball to. On the other side, MSU QB often did not have a chance. Comes down to football 101 as we all have been saying forever it seems like. We will never be able to get where we need to be until we get a real, complete Oline. That has to be the priority. does not matter who is your QB or how great your receivers are without that.


Very few teams have it all. The rest of us are playing smoke and mirrors Everytime we play. Hiding our weak areas.

tOSU looks like a team with strength on both sides of the ball. They may make a run for the NC.

The Michigan State QB actually looked pretty good, but your right he was running for his life most of the night. They had one highly acclaimed physical receiver that had about four drops to go with the 8 he had already accumulated this year.

Right. Smoke and mirrors. Hide your weakness. all are part of being a good coach, but you cannot hide it in the Oline. All 5 must work as a unit and they will only be as good as the weakest. Hence, you better prioritize the Oline in recruiting. A great Oline can make an average running back look great, but a great back will only look average at best behind a smoke and mirrors Oline.

I’ve always felt OLINE/DLINE is the foundation of any team. Others say QBs, I just don’t agree. I’d almost be willing to wager that I’ll give you your pick of 6 skill players across the nation and I’ll take my pick of 6 linemen across the nation, then we add those to the team and I’ll say the team that adds the O/D Line will win more games than the team that add the Skills. A very good O/D Line can cover up a lot of warts on an offense or a defense. Even if you have a Super Skill QB, his ass can’t pass too good from the ground or check to various targets if he is busy running.

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