OSU reminds me of Ole Miss

Oregon State a little better than Ole miss but the similarities are there. Rollison( who we hit very hard) the Ole Miss Ace throws the ball just like Oregon State’s Ace and their number 2 remind me of Ole Miss number 2.

I think this series will be won by the team who hits best with RISP which has been problem sometimes for us this year if we are to beat OSU we will have to convert a very high percentage of our chances.

I think to beat a team like Oregon State you have to mix your pitches well and throw two or three for strikes to keep them off balance.

If we hit the ball like we’re capable I think we can outscore them and I believe that’s what we will have to do.

Youdaman, I agree with your comments…especially the last one about needing to outscore them to win. (I know you were probably referencing the first part of the statement - hitting the ball like we’re capable).

The more I read about the Beavers, the more they concern me. I don’t think they’re unbeatable, but I think we’ll have our hands full, which we should have in the championship series. It will take a huge effort to win two out of three.

OSU is the best team we have faced.no weaknesses we will have to play our very best to win it.