OSU promotes assistant coach

So, the Cowboys lose a coach due mainly to trying to do it on the cheap. Now they promote an assistant.

I wonder if they couldn’t get an established, experienced head coach, or if this is still part of their austerity plan?

I guess they’ve spent all that T. Boone Pickens money. Can’t even afford to hire a Sutton or Iba offspring.

Appears they sure don’t want to spend any money.

Of course these days, Coach Anderson’s salary is cheap.

Maybe this will be the start of a cycle of promoting new blood rather than recycling moderately successful head coaches.

This might sound familiar: OSU grad Doug Gottlieb - who has never coached - lobbied publicly for an interview, was granted one, and then grandstanded around town in a bright orange Porsche around doing interviews on state radio where he openly talked about the interview.

OSU declined to hire the media guy with no/little experience but his squawking about his candidacy might have “run oft” others with superior qualifications (ok, superior compared to other legit candidates).

I’ve heard from a couple of prominent OSU boosters (I endure them most of the time, as they are becoming as annoying as Sooner boosters, but in this case it was great to get info) that Holder is in trouble as OSU’s AD. If this fails he is gone.