OSU is Relentless

would love to see final SEC three, but fully expect the beavs to take down the dawgs in both games.

OSU coach was just talking in dugout interview about how they’re short on pitching. He may be sweating tomorrow for that reason

Yeah. Could be a football score tomorrow with one side winning by a field goal or more. However, I said the same thing about a couple of games in the regionals that didn’t turn out that way. I hope MSU pulls it out–and they both use up lots of pitchers–but I suspect OSU is too much for the dogs.

OSU started with their #2 today. For MSU, Billingsley is #3 at best. MSU should be in a stronger pitching position on Saturday.

That’s what coming through the loser’s bracket will do…but its their sticks that impress. They seem to mount a threat every inning.