OSU game

Understand what the rule says about not extending the game on a loss of down penalty but if the refs had applied the rule correctly…the game is over OSU wins and CMU loses…what “penalty” has OSU been assessed?

Even though they got it wrong maybe the way the officials applied the rule should be the way the rule reads?

OSU didn’t deserve to win if they can’t figure out how to run off 4 seconds.
Geesh, just run backwards for 4 seconds and fall down.

Even though the refs made a bad call, I was happy to see the mullet lose.

I look for him to take the headphones off and break into a little “achy breaky heart” in his next game.

I just saw this in an article posted by Wiz: [quote]So O’Dey and his crew from the Mid-American Conference blew it (they were suspended two games by the MAC). And the Big 12’s replay officials also blew it (they were suspended two games by the Big 12).

Good job on the Commish. There need to be consequences for not knowing what you’re doing.