OSU coach on his assistant coach

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does anyone believe this??

I believe that people break the law and those around them may not know about it. So I do believe it’s possible in the case. The one thing about this is an assistant always has the defense the he was acting under the order of his head coach, but I haven’t heard any assistant say that yet. But, as one that handles defendants in federal cases like this, I always advise my clients about their options if they were acting under another’s order. So, if that was happening, we will hear about it from at least one of these assistants. If we don’t, then there’s simply not enough there to connect the two and I would believe the head coach didn’t know.

But a criminal proceeding and university proceeding are completely different. This “lack of institutional control” is a university term and easy to prove. It goes no where it the court of law with respect to federal crimes - unless someone talks to cover their tail. Time will tell.

One thing that we all know is that OSU has a lot of history with NCAA infractions. In football at least.

Response: please why would any assistant get so far out in front of the Head Coach that he is not aware of what the assistant is doing, at the end of the day it is the head coach that receive all the accolades from the media and other outlet sources. It is the head coach that get the raise etc. you will never convince me that theses head coaches are not aware of what their assistants are doing on there behalf.

Brad uUnserwood was the HC for the Cowboys last year and the 2 years prior to that the Assistant in question was at South Carolina. This new Head coach may not be involved at all. How many really believe that Bruce Pearl at Auburn is innocent of involvement with his assistant being in the mess?