OSU calls cops for tweeted threats to player

Directed at forward E.J. Liddell after the Buckeyes lost to Oral Roberts.

Entirely consistent with Ohio State fans I’ve encountered. They feel almost as entitled as Texass fans and in some ways they may be worse.

However, I would not have been surprised if some of our “fans” had done the same thing if we’d lost to Colgate.

Social media and comments sections have me about ready to give up on society. Go look at the comments on the Razorbacks baseball tweets last night. Anonymity sure does turn a lot of lambs into lions.


It’s disgusting. We’ve always had a few nuts who’ll issue threats, but they do seem to be increasing. It’s bad enough in the political arena, but when people threaten athletes whose performance disappoints them, it’s really disgusting. Fortunately, it’s harder to remain anonymous today. Caller I.D. & traceable IP addresses can lead authorities to the source. Hope they find & prosecute whoever did this.

EJ has posted the tweets that he has received on Twitter. I am not posting them here, because those tweets violate the forum profanity and violence rules.

I kind of wanted to see Arkansas vs OSU. EJ and Moses are big buddies. Arkansas and Ohio State were Moody’s top two before Juwan Howard changed his mind and it became Arkansas and Michigan as Final Two. Moody family really cares for EJ. Would have been a fun game with also having Derek Fisher kin Duane Washington as the sharpshooter for OSU.

Ridiculous. It’s only a game and these are only kids.

Reminds me of years ago when a soccer player made an error contributing to a loss in a World Cup game and he actually was shot and killed (in a bar when he got home).

Hmmm; I’d like to think “we’re” better than that, but I guess there are a lot of different folks in that group of “we’re”.

I’ll note that I was impressed with Colgate’s top 7. They hustled, worked hard, shot well. We really could have lost that one. Frankly, I think we started the game in a manner to fit their game plan. When Muss pressed we were able to demonstrate our superior strengths.

Here is that unfortunate tragic event. I think the Colombian anger was two fold because Colombia lost to of all the countries, United States.

On a better note, maybe the Hog’s non-conference schedule was a little better than given credit for. The OSU loss was pure gold and the Big Ten love affair is turning sour.

ESPN announcer Dan Dickau (who played at Gonzaga before they were GONZAGA, so a little mid-major bias) tweeted last night that it would be interesting to see the email exchanges from October between midmajors and Power Six teams trying to schedule games, and how the P6 turned most of them down. I replied that Muss had scheduled ORU, North Texas and Abilene Christian, all in the Dance, plus OK State. Dickau’s response was that Muss and Ruta get it in terms of scheduling. You can have a good schedule playing good midmajor teams.

Where are the social media internal watchdogs? How are those accounts still active, if they are at this point in time.

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In hindsight, yes great scheduling, but in reality we lucked out on scheduling. Hope they don’t repeat that next year.

If this is what Ruta intended, he would not have scheduled Las Vegas tournament and Tulsa on the road. He would have scheduled three more home games against hyphenated schools.

I wish I could remember what our schedule looked like before COVID blew it up, other than Vegas and OU. But Muss apparently scheduled quality midmajors at Nevada as well.

Arkansas was going to play Abilene Christian and ORU this year before the changes to the schedule. I think North Texas was a late addition.

In addition to the event in Las Vegas, Arkansas lost scheduled games against Old Dominion, Oklahoma and Northern Illinois.

One of several reasons I don’t do Twitter. Facebook, I know who you are. Here, I don’t necessarly, but the mods have a clue and can take out the trash when needed.

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You only have to go back to Brandon Allen’s torched truck to see what Arkansas fans are capable of. I know there were two other vehicles set on fire at the same time. Not sure if they ever decided his truck was specifically targeted or who the arsonist was but I also know he received some pretty bad threats and comments as well.

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Just wonder why the mods haven’t taken out Jeffrey in the Hawg Lounge and cmmclain on here yet? 2 legit Summer’s Eve spokesmen. They provide nothing but vitriol. Seriously, if you haven’t been to the Hawg Lounge in awhile, saunter on over there and read some of that garbage.

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I put Jeffrey on ignor a long time ago,

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The ignore feature is wonderful. You can always flag something that you find offensive for the mods to review as well.

Is it wrong that sometimes I like to jab little Jeffy in the Hawg Lounge? :sunglasses: I know it’s the lowest hanging fruit, but I just imagine how frustrated he must be locked in his mother’s basement, and it gives me pleasure. I am probably a very immature 48 year old, lol.

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My wife was with me for the 2011 Sugar Bowl. We were there for 4-5 days before the bowl game. I visited with several kids in the New Orleans area while Megan enjoyed the sights.

Megan is friendly and welcoming. She never has a bad word to say about anyone but she said NOT ONE OSU fan acknowledged her when she said hello during our time there. NOT ONE.