Osabuohien expected to see first SEC action on Saturday

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“He’ll play, without a doubt,” Mike Anderson said.

Anderson is also expecting more out of Adrio Bailey, who’s 0 of 5 from the floor in 19 minutes over Arkansas’ last three games.

I didn’t see Gabe play. Did he ever get into the game?

He did not play. Neither did Dustin Thomas.

Mike Anderson clarified after the game that Thomas sitting wasn’t a disciplinary thing. He just decided to run with some other guys. Adrio Bailey and Arlando Cook both played well. Arkansas was +11 with Cook out there today.

I don’t believe that. Neither Cook or Bailey was playing well enough that Thomas didn’t deserve any minutes. And Thomas was visibly upset the whole game on the bench. I don’t think I seen him smile or embrace anyone the entire time. He may not have done anything to get suspended for a game, but CMA definitely didn’t play play him for a reason, my guess is he did something he didn’t like that may not have been that serious, and he wanted to send him a message to him.

I agree with you. Thomas hasn’t exactly been playing poorly. I might could understand him not starting, if CMA changed the lineup looking for an early spark (something we really haven’t had). I wonder if he told him he was starting Bailey, and Thomas may have reacted a little selfish (what your possibly describing), leading to CMA benching him for poor attitude? Just an opinion guys. Gabe not playing was a little shock as well, kind of reminded me of Babb’s situation a few years back.

Read my mind on that. And hope it doesn’t end up the same way. I like CMA, but he really needs to stop doing that, going to the media and saying how well a kid is playing and how he’s going to play him, then doesn’t play him. It’s a really bad look. And I could see how kids could take it the wrong way and hold a grudge. He could simply say kid is progressing and we’ll see what happens during the game on who plays. Don’t say stuff like he’ll play without a doubt then don’t even look his way during the game.